Evaluations just $10.00 I will honestly let you know if your request is possible or not.

My Available Services

My Skills:
  • Psychic Readings
  • Love Blessings (relationship help / rescue services)
  • Money/Career Blessings (I teach you techniques that will always improve your money mojo)
  • Chakra / Aura Healing
  • Clearing Past Life Issues
  • Clearing Ancestral Issues
  • Energetic Space Clearing (home, office, land, car)
  • Energetic Space Protection (home, office, land, car)
  • Empowered Prayer (Some call this spell casting but I do not and will not violate anyone's free will. The energy I bring in is of the highest integrity and will honor all Universal Laws.)

I prefer to work with people who are willing to help themselves.


Spell Casting

Why It Does And Does Not Work

The idea of spell casting is to cause someone to do, behave or be in a way that is satisfying to another person (the person requesting the spell). Many spell casters call upon dark energy to make their spells work but alas they don't work with dark energy, or it may appear temporary or even backfire totally because of the number one Universal Law of free will.

In order for any spell to work it must be received and accepted subconsciously by the intended target and even then that person still has to consciously choose to act on the cues received from the subconscious. How many times have you thought, "I should eat better" .. "I should go and talk to that guy" .. "I should look for a better job" .. but we ignore all these cues we receive daily from our subconscious. It is the same for spellwork as well. The spellwork is only as good as the receivers ability to act on subconscious cues. I have been contacted by person after person who says I have paid hundreds or even thousands for spells that did not work.

How do they work? How can they work? This is tricky depending on the circumstances. I can see what is possible by looking at parallel worlds and alternate realities and then bring in those energies where your desire already exists. Now if your desire does not exist in an alternate reality or parallel world then the chances of it working in this reality are much slimmer. I do offer a nominal fee of just $10 to look into your situation and I will honestly let you know what is possible.

I Use A Quantum Healing Technique That Requires Your Participation on A Live Call Or Video Call With Me.