Through the years I have grow stronger in my psychic and healing abilities due to initiations and activations bestowed upon me by beautiful arch angels.

I prefer to work with people who are willing to participate and are not just looking for a quick fix. Sometimes quick fixes do work but often times they do not because of the many layers of issues that many hold onto.

My Skills:
  • Psychic Readings
  • Love Blessings (relationship help / rescue services)
  • Money/Career Blessings (I teach you techniques that will always improve your money mojo)
  • Chakra / Aura Healing
  • Clearing Past Life Issues
  • Clearing Ancestral Issues
  • Energetic Space Clearing (home, office, land, car)
  • Energetic Space Protection (home, office, land, car)
  • Empowered Prayer (Some call this spell casting but I do not and will not violate anyone's free will. The energy I bring in is of the highest integrity and will honor all Universal Laws.)

Are you being threatened or harassed by an unscrupulous spellcaster, psychic or voodoo priest/priestess ?? I can help. I bring in Divine Beings to offer you protection from these sorts violations of the Universal Laws.

Do you feel someone has cast bad spells against you? I can help remove curses, root spells, and more.

I Use A Quantum Healing Technique That Requires Your Participation on A Live Call Or Video Call With Me. 

I ordered a clearing service and was Amazed by the insight and the messages from Mother Mary.

-John, California

I ordered a reading for a friend, what a fun reading and so fast.

- June, Washington State

I ordered a chakra balancing and was surprised by the extra messages from the Divine Mothers.

- Liam, Texas

You were right on with your reading and looking forward to feeling the effects of the clearing.

- Laffite, California


Meet Angel, Incarnated Cherub Angel and Lightworker.